Who were they?

The Ancestry were one of many Goth bands that appeared in the early 90's. They released a number of home made demo tapes and one professionally produced 12" single in the time they were together. The band consisted of (future) husband & wife Mike Pye (Guitar) and Joie Slater (Vocals) with Wez (Bass) as the final member. 

I first came across them when they were after someone to put up posters in Liverpool to advertise their forthcoming national tour. Having nothing else to do at the time I joined the band as roadie and general dogs-body for the whole tour. Compensation was to be paid for meals but I don't think I ever got one! 
Apart from humping the equipment and driving the van, I had the job of producing as much fog as possible from the smoke machine (too much in Scarborough!) and reloading the drum machine mid-set (disaster in the Barrel Organ). 
When I had nothing better to do I also spent many a happy hour fruitlessly phoning venues to blag a support slot and a few quid for turning up. Mostly this involved been told to bugger off, but there were a few venues out there that clearly felt sorry for some poor sod stood in a cold phone box. 

Predicatably the band eventually broke up - this is my recollection of their demise.

In Their Own Words

These pages (Page OnePage Two) was produced by the band as background information. It details the date the band was formed and some additional details about the three members of the band. 
This second sheet was later in date and listed the 12" plus some merchandise (Thanks to Tom V).

Early History

Thanks to Dave Raddon for this information (Slightly Edited).

The Ancestry had the original line up: 
Mike Pye - Guitars 
Shaun Gennard - Bass 
Dave Raddon - Vocals 
Pete - Guitars 
Drums - Some Alesis drum machine

(In Dave R's words) We use to rehearse in Joie's house - she was the unofficial manager and Mike's bit. Back in 1988, Pete got pissed off and left, I went to Liverpool to kick off His Last Parade and Joie took over vocal duties after purchasing lots of shiny new kit for the remaining lads and away they went... 
Gep (Shaun G) left to pursue other interests (Realms of Flame, later Empyrean) after a memorable gig at the Barrel (Organ), where he walked off stage after 2 songs and left the band bass-less for the rest of the gig.


Dark Disguise (Unknown)Verdict (1990)Repentance (1990)Absolution (1991)Covenant of the Righteous (1991)
Dark Disguise CoverSide 1 
Primeval Grace 
Snake Charm 
Shadow of Guilt

Side 2 
Sheer Vanity 
Grip of Our Fear 
Sacred Lies 
The Penitent

Verdict CoverSide I 
Snake Charm 
Sheer Vanity

Side II 
Demon Dreams 

Repentance CoverSide I 
Shadow of Guilt 
Grip of Our Fear

Side II 
Primeval Grace 
The Penitent 

Absolution CoverSide I 

Side II 
Sacred Lies

Side A 
Locked in Oblivion 
Pagan Psalm

Side B 

Tour Dates

Initially the tour dates were my best recollection of the venues and were somewhat imcomplete as I have a bad memory and was drunk at most (all?) of them. 
I now have much better dates (Thanks again to Tom V) from the original flyers: April 1991Autumn 1991December 1991Jan/Feb 1992 
The pre-April 1991 dates (and selected others) from Martin P.
19th June 1990BirminghamBarrel Organ
22nd June 1990LeicesterPrincess Charlotte
9th August 1990BirmingamBarrel Organ
12th August 1990LondonMarquee
14th August 1990LeedsDuchess of York
9th September 1990BirminghamBarrel Organ
24th October 1990BradfordQueens Hall
25th October 1990NottinghamTrent Polytechnic
29th October 1990StokeWheatsheaf
30th October 1990BirminghamBarrel Organ
31st October 1990LeicesterPrincess Charlotte
1st November 1990LiverpoolLiverpool Polytechnic
2nd November 1990GlasgowRooftops
3rd November 1990HuddersfieldHuddersfield Polytechnic
4th November 1990LondonMarquee
5th November 1990ExeterHop and Grapes
6th November 1990DudleyJBs
7th November 1990WakefieldPlayers
8th November 1990LeedsWarehouse
12th November 1990CoventrySir Colin Campbell
19th November 1990LeicesterPrincess Charlotte
20th November 1990DudleyJBs
2nd December 1990TamworthArts Centre
3rd December 1990CoventrySir Colin Campbell
10th December 1990LeicesterPrincess Charlotte
11th December 1990LeicesterLeicester University
19th December 1990LondonOpera on the Green
20th December 1990BirminghamBarrel Organ
27th December 1990DoncasterThe Jug
14th January 1991BirminghamBarrel Organ
28th January 1991StokeWheatsheaf
30th January 1991NottinghamThe Old Angel
18th February 1991BirminghamBarrel Organ
19th February 1991DudleyJBs
23th February 1991HuntingdonSports and Social
2nd April 1991LeicesterPrincess Charlotte
11th April 1991BirminghamBarrel Organ
12th April 1991TamworthArts Centre
14th April 1991LondonSir George Robey
15th April 1991NottinghamThe Old Angel
16th April 1991DudleyJB's
18th April 1991YorkWinning Post
19th April 1991GlasgowRooftops
20th April 1991NewcastleJoe Wilsons
21th April 1991LeedsRoyal Park
22nd April 1991StokeWheatsheaf
8th June 1991NottinghamRock City
27th June 1991LeedsScrumpies
10th July 1991NottinghamThe Old Angel
13th July 1991PeterboroughShamrock Club
15th July 1991LeicesterPrincess Charlotte
18th August 1991BirminghamBarrel Organ
19th August 1991StokeWheatsheaf
28th September 1991NottinghamRock City
29th September 1991ScarboroughStage Door
30th September 1991GlasgowTraders
1st October 1991LiverpoolFlying Picket
2nd October 1991LeicesterPrincess Charlotte
3rd October 1991NorwichFestival House
4th October 1991BrightonHare & Hounds
5th October 1991LondonDay of the Dead II - Dome
7th October 1991BirminghamBarrel Organ
8th October 1991DoncasterThe Jug
9th October 1991LondonKentish Town Bull & Gate
12th October 1991LeedsDay of the Dead II - Leeds University
13th October 1991NewcastleRiverside Venue
14th October 1991LondonThe Underworld, Camden
25th October 1991NottinghamRock City
30th October 1991BirminghamBarrel Organ
10th December 1991LiverpoolPlanet X
11th December 1991ManchesterThe Banshee
16th December 1991LondonThe Underworld, Camden
18th December 1991NewcastleRiverside Venue
24th December 1991BirminghamEdwards
11th January 1992WorcesterArts Workshop
16th January 1992LeedsDuchess of York
25th January 1992NottinghamRock City
3rd February 1992BirminghamBarrel Organ
22nd February 1992CardiffChapter Arts Centre

Selected scans are reproduced here at higher resolution.