Who Were They?

The Ancestry were one of the many Goth bands that appeared in the early 90's. They released a number of demo tapes and one 12" single in the time they were together. The band had a couple of different line ups to start  with, but the final version  consisted of (future) husband & wife Mike Pye (Guitar) and Joie Slater (Vocals) with Wez (Bass) as the third and final member. 

I was witness to the band eventually breaking up - this is my recollection of that time.

In Their Own Words

These sheets (Page 1, Page 2) were produced by the band as background information. They details the date the band was formed and some additional details about the three members of the band. 

This second sheet was later in date and listed the 12" plus some merchandise (Thanks to Tom V).

Early History

Thanks to Dave Raddon for this information (slightly edited from his original).

The Ancestry had the original line up: 

Mike Pye - Guitars 

Shaun Gennard - Bass 

Dave Raddon - Vocals 

Pete - Guitars 

Drums - Some Alesis drum machine

(In Dave R's words) We use to rehearse in Joie's house - she was the unofficial manager and Mike's bit. Back in 1988, Pete got pissed off and left, I went to Liverpool to kick off His Last Parade and Joie took over vocal duties after purchasing lots of shiny new kit for the remaining lads and away they went... 

Gep (Shaun G) left to pursue other interests (Realms of Flame, later Empyrean) after a memorable gig at the Barrel (Organ), where he walked off stage after 2 songs and left the band bass-less for the rest of the gig.


Verdict (1990)

Verdict Cover

Side I 

Snake Charm

Sheer Vanity

Side II 

Demon Dreams


Absolution (1991)

Absolution Cover

Covenant of the Righteous (1991)


Tour Dates

Initially the tour dates were my best recollection of the venues and were somewhat incomplete as I have a bad memory and was drunk at most (all?) of them. 

I now have much better dates (mostly thanks to Tom V) from the original flyers: November 1990, April 1991, Autumn 1991, December 1991, Jan/Feb 1992 

The pre-April 1991 dates (and selected others) from Martin P.

Selected scans are reproduced here at higher resolution.